Disciplines for Members: Bir Billing

Disciplines for Members

a.) The Association shall, if so delegated by PWC, FAI or any other Aero Sports Body/Organization, Government, control competitions, sporting events, test records and trials in Bir Billing or anywhere in India under the regulations of that body/organization.
b.) The Association shall grant, issue, authorize, modify, cancel, and revoke in accordance with any regulation issued.
c.) The Association shall co-ordinate the control of competitions, sporting, events, tests, records and appeals, in conjunction with the PWC, connected therewith submitted to the Association by an affiliated Club
d.) The Association and the affiliated Clubs shall co-operate with and assist one another in such disciplinary measures as either-or both may deem desirable for dealing with the conduct of any member of any affiliated club.
f.) The Management Committee may at any time by a resolution of not less than three- fourths of the member Clubs, vote to expel from the Association any affiliated Members or Clubs provided not less than sixty days notice has been given of the meeting, specifying that it is intended to propose such a resolution. No member/club so expelled shall have any claim against the Association for damages or otherwise,
g.) Any affiliated Member/Club may, giving 90 days notice in writing to the Honorary Secretary of its intention to withdraw from the Association and at the expiration of such notice shall cease to be a member of the Association and shall have no claim on the assets of the Association.
f.) Any complaint which may be made against the or decisions of a Sub-Committee shall be made only by the Secretary of an affiliated Club unless otherwise herein provided, and shall be forwarded in writing to the Honorary Secretary within seven days of the date of such action or decision, The members of the Sub-Committee concerned shall attend the hearing of the complaint: which shall be determined by the Executive Committee as it thinks fit.
h.) Any member of the Executive, who fails to attend three consecutive Management Committee meetings without leave of absence being granted, shall cease to be a member of the Executive and the vacancy shell is filled forthwith. For the purpose of this Rule. a member shall not be credited with attendance at a meeting if .e or she is absent from such meeting or any adjournment thereof for a period of more than twenty minutes, and the time of arrival or departure of members not present for the full meeting shall be recorded in the minutes.