Funds Management: Bir Billing

Funds Management

a) Be responsible, assisted by such persons as the Executive may appoint, for the receipt of all monies due to the Association which shall be deposited without undue delay to the credit of the Association Bank Account
b) be responsible for the issuing of official numbered receipts for all money received
c) pay in such manner as may be approved by the Executive all accounts and approved against the Association, all amounts to be paid by cheque, drawn on the Association's Bank Account, such cheques to be signed by at least two officers of the Association.
d) Arrange for all accounts in the name of the Association to be addressed to the Honorary Treasurer.
e) Obtain adequate receipts or vouchers for all payments were possible.
f) submit to each Management Committee Meeting a comprehensive report of financial performed of the Association since the date of the last report, which shall contain:
1.) The amount of funds available, substantiated by presentation of current bank statements.
2.) Particulars of receipts and expenditure
3.) The amounts owing by the Association.
4.) A request that the meeting approve payment of the accounts presented.
g.) Make no substantial alteration in the methods of dealing with receipts and expenditure, or in the form of account books and printed stationary without first obtaining a direction from the Executive. The Executive shall, if it thinks fit, direct that the Honorary Treasurer and another officer of the Association shall obtain the opinion of the Auditor regarding the proposed alteration:
h.) Keep a record of the property and assets of and the name and address of the person having the custody of such property from time to time.
i.) Close and balance the books of the Association as at 31st March each year and present them for audit prior to the Annual Management committee Meeting.
j.) prepare Annual statement of Receipt and Expenditure and such other forms of account as may be required and submit same duly audited to the Annual Management Committee Meeting; and the audited original copy of such accounts shall be fixed in the Minute Book next to the minutes of the Annual General Meeting at which they are read.
k.) be entitled to attend, ex officio, and receive a copy of the minutes of any Sub Committee which may be dealing with matters involving the expenditure of funds, should at any time the office of Treasurer become vacant, then the Books of Account be audited forthwith.