General Meeting Notices: Bir Billing

General Meeting Notices

a.) For extraordinary meetings of the Management Committee, such notice shall be given within 21 days of receiving a requisition for such meeting.
b.) The notice shall state the object of the meeting and no other business shall be dealt with at the meeting.
c.) Any officer or member of the Management Committee shall have the power to direct the Honorary Secretary to requisition a Meeting of the Management Committee.
d. The Annual Management Committee Meeting shall be held May of each year and the business of such meeting shall include the Honorary Secretaries Annual Report, the presentation of the Honorary Treasurer's accounts, duly audited, the election of officers and other members of the executive, and such other business as may be deemed necessary. Notice of the Annual Management Committee Meeting shall be given in writing to the Honorary Auditor.
e.) Management Committee Meetings
f.) The time date and place of meetings shall be decided at the Annual Management Committee Meeting and having been duly decided no further notice shall be given, unless there Is a subsequent alteration in the time date or place of such meetings.
g.) The representation of members, and the conduct Meetings, the voting powers of Members and procedure of all meeting shall be in accordance with the rules.