Register of Members: Bir Billing

Register of Members

1.) Each club applying for affiliation shall:
a.) Applications for affiliation shall be in the prescribed form and shall be lodged with the Honorary Secretary not later than the 3lst July in each year, or such earlier date as the Executive may fix.
b.) The Honorary Secretary shall immediately notify clubs that do not comply with the regulations regarding affiliation that their affiliation cannot be considered unless the form is correct or the prescribed fees paid as the case may be.
c.) Forward with the application the affiliation fee as fixed at the Annual Management Committee Meeting, and a list of its bona fide Club.
d.) An affiliated club shall notify the Honorary Secretary within fourteen days of any change in the particulars given on its application form.
e.) The period of affiliation of a club shall be for one year or part thereof from 1st July of the year of affiliation to the succeeding 30th June, unless terminated by cancellation, resignation or expulsion.
2.) Each Club, the affiliation of which is an approved shall thereupon:
a.) Be deemed to be affiliated and bound by the Rules and By-Laws of the association, Register all members as prescribed by the Annual Management Committee Meeting, become liable for such subscriptions, fees and levies as may be fixed by the Rules.
b.) Any affiliated Club, which desires to withdraw from the Association, shall remain liable for all subscriptions, levies and/or fees incurred up to the time of lodging its application to withdraw.