Terms And Conditions: Bir Billing

Terms and Conditions

a). The Association shall consist of:
All officers of the Association
All elected and appointed members of all committees of the Association.
All Clubs affiliated with the Association.
Life Members
Honorary Members
Associate Members
b). Provided always that members to qualify for clause 3 a). sub-clauses (1). and (2) must be members of a bona fide affiliated Club.
a). A Club is defined as a group of people who have become associated for the pursuance of their common interest in Aero Sports. For the purpose of this clause, a Co-operative Society, Propriety Company or other body which has been formed for the purpose of furthering interest of aero sports shall be defined as a club. There shall be no limitation to the number of members a Club may have excepting that the minimum number shall be three. Each Club shall appoint a Management Committee, which shall consist of a minimum of two officers. These shall be a President or- chairman and a Secretary Treasurer. Each Club before it may be accepted as affiliated with the Association shall be formed within the state of India, have a constitution and rules or memorandum and articles of association not inconsistent with the constitution and rules of the Association.
Any member of the Association may submit a proposal in writing of a person to be considered for life Membership, attached with the proposal will be a resume of the nominee’s contributions to the Association.
All nominations for Life Membership of the. Association shall be submitted to the Honorary Secretary or President not less than eight weeks before the Annual
The Honorary Secretary shall put forward all Life membership nominations at the Annual Management Committee Meeting and the nominee may be elected a life member by a two - thirds majority of those present and entitled to vote.
Life Members shall have the same privileges as other members of the association and shall be issued with a suitable badge and plaque whatever practical.
The Honorary Secretary shall keep a record of Life Members and forward notices of meetings to their last known address.
Life members shall be eligible for the election of President and Vice President.
a). The Executive Committee may elect Honorary Members for such period or periods as it may think fit. Honorary Members shall not be required to pay affiliation fees nor shall they be elected as officers of the Association but in all other respects they shall be entitled to all rights and subject to all the duties of members of the Association. Candidates for Honorary Membership must be proposed by a member of the Association and the proposer shall be responsible for all liabilities incurred in the Association by the nominee.
a). Members of Clubs affiliated with the Association are classed as Associate Members, and when attending meetings of the Management Committee shall be required to sit at the back of the meeting and shall have no right of audience unless granted by the Chairman.
a). All ordinary members affiliated with the association are associate members. They shall be eligible for election as Director in respective category. Also Associate member shall vote for President, Vice President, General Secretary, and Treasurer.